USCIS to schedule interviews outside of applicants’ geographic areas

In a stated attempt to reduce processing times on applications, USCIS announced on June 17, 2019, that it would be adjusting workloads for its field offices and that, as a result, some applicants may be scheduled for interviews outside of their geographic area.  Generally, interviews for naturalization and permanent residency are scheduled based on the USCIS field office closest to an applicant’s residence.  This change will particularly affect San Francisco Bay Area residents residing in the San Francisco Field Office jurisdiction, who may now be scheduled for interviews in Sacramento or San Jose. 

While the up-side is that government processing times for green card and citizenship applications may become more consistent across geographic locations in the future, the down-side is that an out-of-jurisdiction interview presents logistical burdens of travel and dealing with unfamiliar offices for applicants and representatives.  

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